An original story about friendship created by Andy Manley, Gill Robertson and Annie Wood

Press Reviews

  • 'Borrow a child if you don’t already have one and the delight will come at seeing the world through their eyes.'
    The List
  • 'Martha, a giggle-inducing, ultimately poignant lesson in the power of friendship.'
    The New York Times
  • 'A heartwarming tale about friendship and trust.'
    Glasgow Evening News
  • 'Martha is the sort of play that delivers hope to theatre critics and adults who love live drama, it is a lively, humorous and thoroughly entertaining introduction to the building blocks of drama.'
    Pittsburgh Tribune
  • 'Martha represents the best in fresh dynamic theatre for young audiences.'
    New York Theatre-Wire
  • Martha: Press Clippings

Audience Feedback

  • Fantastic experience - everyone loved the show!

    Teacher, Kyle Primary, Highlands
  • Children LOVED it - so did the staff. Please come again!

    Teacher, Kyleakin Primary, Highlands
  • The children and adults absolutely loved every moment of the performance. We were riveted!

    Teacher, Leverhulme Primary, Isle of Harris
  • The production was fabulous and there was good discussion from the children about how the stage setting and props were used throughout the performance especially the movements of 'Goose'

    Teacher, Roslin Primary, Midlothian
  • The children really enjoyed the show - particularly the dancing!

    Teacher, St Francis RC Primary, Dundee City

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