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Shona Reppe Presents Atlantis Banal: Beneath the Surface


Shona Reppe Presents Atlantis Banal: Beneath the Surface

Age suitability: 8+
Running time: 45 minutes
On Tour:
4th October 2019 – 30th November 2019

The POP-UP Art Gallery
cordially invites you to the grand opening of:

Atlantis Banal: Beneath the Surface

Born on an island, hit by lightning, raised by a dry cleaner – Atlantis Banal (the renowned artist of Everythingism*) returns to the Pop-Up Art Gallery with a brand new exhibition. Driven by a fascination for fashion, food, film and found objects, Atlantis transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, reminding the world that we are probably ALL artists, it’s just that some of us are never caught holding a paintbrush.

So take a deep breath – let’s go BENEATH THE SURFACE with Atlantis Banal….

“Life is like folding a map – you either follow the folds or you make your own” Atlantis Banal

Created by Shona Reppe in collaboration with Vélo Theatre.
Produced by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company.

(*Everythingism: making art with anything and everything)

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