The Search

Kerry Cleland and Ben Winger with Catherine Wheels Theatre Company and Fringe by the Sea.


Age suitability: For families

Something strange is happening on Lochbridge Road in North Berwick, and we need the residents to help us get to the bottom of it. An unexpected visitor needs their help to get back to wherever it is they are going and to find whatever it is they have lost.

Keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual or out of the ordinary happening on your street and get ready to join The Search.

The Search is a community driven treasure hunt with performance and story at its heart, that will be taking place for residents of Lochbridge road in North Berwick, across June, July and August 2021 as part of the Fringe by the Sea festival.

Devised by Ben Winger and Kerry Cleland, The Search is supported by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. To find out more about The Search get in touch.