The Phone Box

East Linton voices shared down the line


This is the village phone box. Standing proudly in East Linton’s High Street for over 50 years. The red box now empty of its phone. The thousands of conversations that haunt its glass walls are gone, but the need to connect still remains and is now stronger than ever. It remains a place for stories of all kinds, recently refurbished and ready for a new future, a space for all to enjoy.

The Phone Box project provides the perfect environment to allow residents and visitors the chance to hear the stories of East Linton. It will be a cross generational project which celebrates our village and those who make it a community. It will include people who have lived in the village their whole lives to those who have made their homes here from very far away.

It celebrates our place, the people in it and the wonderful mix that makes up our community, and all Scotland’s communities.

The Phone Box is supported by VisitScotland and Museums Galleries Scotland’s Year of Stories.