SRP: The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean

The clues are in its pages……


Age suitability: 7+
Running time: 50 minutes

Who was Josephine Bean? The wonderful and surprising secret is revealed with each turn of the page…

Join the world renowned scrapologist, Patricia Barker, as she discovers the secrets held within the pages of a scrapbook. Everything is flat, pressed, squished. A dusty, musty smell mixes with the scent of old lavender and slowly, page-by-page, the scrapbook becomes a window into a secret world and a curious life unfolds before us.

Ages 7+

‘a highly original, beautifully delicate and thoroughly engaging piece of children’s theatre’
(Sunday Herald)

‘A truly wonderful show that will charm parents as much as their children’
(The Stage)

‘part-detective story, part-journey into the imagination’ (Mark Fisher)

Winner: Theatre Awards UK, Best Production for children and young people.

Creative Team

Creator: Shona Reppe
Designer: Shona Reppe
Director: Gill Robertson
Composer: Danny Krass
Film Maker: Jonathan Charles
Costume Designer: Alison Brown

Production History

Number of performances to date: 203

J Bean 2012:
1st January 2012 - 31st December 2012

Imaginate & Bristol:
29th April 2013 - 2nd June 2013

28th October 2013 - 10th November 2013

Australia 2014:
17th February 2014 - 16th March 2014

Cockermouth and Southbank Centre 2014:
12th May 2014 - 1st June 2014

Bath 2014:
26th September 2014 - 27th September 2014

Ireland 2014:
6th October 2014 - 20th October 2014

JB at On the Edge, ASSITEJ 2016 and tour:
2nd July 2016 - 9th July 2016

Egypt 2017:
1st March 2017 - 19th March 2017

JB 2017 UK and Korea:
27th March 2017 - 24th September 2017

JB20 Holland and UK:
8th February 2020 - 19th February 2020

JB China 2020:
13th July 2020 - 9th August 2020