SRP: Potato Needs a Bath

Potato has mud on his face. Potato has mud in his ears. Potato needs a bath (just don’t get soap in his eyes!)


Age suitability: 3-5
Running time: 35 minutes

There is going to be a party and everyone is ready – except Potato.
Onion is practicing his guitar, Aubergine is wearing her new necklace and Peach is bouncing on the bed with excitement.
Potato needs a bath – but he has other ideas – because Potato loves mud!

A gentle and light-hearted new show for 3-5 year olds featuring fruit, vegetables and original music.

Production History

Number of performances to date: 101

Potato 2012:
2nd January 2012 - 31st December 2012

Canada :
25th February 2013 - 24th March 2013

14th October 2013 - 27th October 2013

Canada 2015:
17th May 2015 - 3rd June 2015

PNB at Awesome 17:
25th September 2017 - 15th October 2017

TiSS autumn 2020:
16th November 2020 - 7th February 2021