Shona Reppe's Potato Needs a Bath

Potato has mud on his face. Potato has mud in his ears. Potato needs a bath (just don’t get soap in his eyes!)


Age suitability: 3-5
Running time: 55 minutes

There is going to be a party and everyone is ready – except Potato.

Onion is practicing his guitar, Aubergine is wearing her new necklace and Peach is bouncing on the bed with excitement.
Potato needs a bath – but he has other ideas – because Potato loves mud!

Meet Maris Piper and her fruit and vegetable friends in this colourful combination of live and pre-recorded performance based on the much loved theatre show, then join the fruit and vegetable party of the year live online.

Potato Needs a Bath (digital) is based on the original theatre show by Andy Manley & Shona Reppe and was commissioned by Theatre in Schools Scotland, a National Theatre of Scotland and Imaginate partnership.

For more information about Potato Needs a Bath, contact Louise Gilmour-Wills

Get ready for the party:
Children are encouraged to bring a fruit or vegetable friend to the party. We will send you instruction videos in advance with suggestions of what to make to get ready for the vegetable party.

Production History

Number of performances to date: 101

Potato 2012:
2nd January 2012 - 31st December 2012

Canada :
25th February 2013 - 24th March 2013

14th October 2013 - 27th October 2013

Canada 2015:
17th May 2015 - 3rd June 2015

PNB at Awesome 17:
25th September 2017 - 15th October 2017

TiSS autumn 2020:
16th November 2020 - 7th February 2021