Shona Reppe Presents Atlantis Banal: Beneath the Surface

Press Reviews

  • "...thought-provoking and titter-inducing...a blunt-speaking curator and the enigmatic Atlantis Banal...A succession of delightful designs..." FOUR STARS
  • "The answers are up to you, but one thing is certain sure - play, theatre, art and creativity all matter whatever your age. Atlantis Banal is the inspirational living proof of that." FIVE STARS
    The Herald
  • "a deliciously silly, highly original work of family theatre." FOUR STARS
    The Herald on Sunday / Sunday National
  • "A colourful and delightfully delivered production...If you could open Shona Reppe's head and peer inside her imagination, you'd discover a technicolour world of wonder and merriment. " FOUR STARS
    The List
  • Shona Reppe: 'I want to dispel the idea that art is for the elite – life is art!'
    The List
  • "...a glorious triple performance from Shona Reppe at her gorgeous, absurdist best; and if it’s more of an exhibition than a play, that’s exactly the point, in a theatre event that celebrates what we do, at any age, when we’re simply having fun, and doodling in three dimensions about the magical world around us." FOUR STARS
    The Scotsman
  • "Shona Reppe has built a global reputation for creating innovative children’s theatre. In her new show she invites audiences to visit a pop-up art gallery."
    The Scotsman

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