Lightning Ridge


Age suitability: 8+
Running time: 50 minutes

12 year-old Ashmol lives in the Australian outback with his mum, dad and his little sister Kellyanne… and her two invisible friends Pobby and Dingan.

One day, Pobby and Dingan disappear. At first Ashmol is happy that the imaginary friends are out of his life, but Kellyanne becomes sick. The longer Pobby and Dingan are lost, the sicker Kellyanne becomes. Finally, Ashmol decides that there is only one thing to do: he must find Pobby and Dingan.

Lightning Ridge is a heart breaking and beautiful story about the possibility of dreams, about a community coming together, the preciousness of hope and how, sometimes, we have to believe in the impossible.

Creative Team

Composer: Daniel Padden
Lighting Designer: Emma Jones
Performer: Gill Robertson
Designer: Shona Reppe
Text: Robert Alan Evans
Assistant Director: Lauren Desjardins

Production History

Number of performances to date: 5

spring 22:
14th February 2022 - 6th March 2022