By Nicola McCartney

Press Reviews

  • Scotland’s Catherine Wheels Theatre Company returns with another amazing production...among the most engaging and profoundly moving youth orientated shows I’ve ever seen
    The Calgary Sun
  • Broadwayworld
  • Thoroughly developed and honed in every respect (it opened in 2002 and has toured extensively since), yet still fresh and fizzy, Lifeboat packs a wallop because it is fundamentally about life, death and the human spirit. Oh, and it's a highly entertaining history lesson too: informing the young and reminding the old
    Theatre Review, New Zealand
  • The play's high adventure and touching lessons in family, fortitude and friendship are conveyed with exceptional theatrical skill
    Lawrence van Gelder, New York Times
  • Theatre written for a young audience is going through an inspired patch at the moment, if this smashing play from Catherine Wheels is any indication. Do not miss this fantastic play.
    Edinburgh Evening News
  • Catherine Wheels’ rescuing of a story of two brave young girls’ survival of peril on the sea captures the heart . . .Lifeboat is a fine tribute gives a strong message about hanging on and not giving up in spite of life’s storms.
    Irene Brown, Edinburgh Guide
  • As children’s theatre goes, Lifeboat is a peach, as theatre for grown-ups – it’s a delight . . . a gloriously entertaining journey.
    The Daily Mail
  • 'heart rending and evocative…an impeccable production.'
    The Herald
  • A wonderful, affectionate portrait of wartime family life, with a powerful feeling for the popular music and culture . . . Sheer passion and spirit … At the end the audience wiped the tears from their eyes and rose to give them a standing ovation
    The Scotsman

Audience Feedback

  • Fantastic, as a drama student it has opened my eyes. The use of various techniques was suberb. Made me smile, cry and laugh. Loved it.

    Audience member 2013
  • Made me reminisce my childhood

    Audience member 2013
  • Wow! My words wouldn't give enough credit. Powerful.

    Audience member 2013
  • I was mesmerised from beginning to end and astonished that it could be by just two actors. Extraordinary talent.

    Audience member 2013
  • Every child in the UK should see this show

    Audience member 2013
  • Enjoyable and moving - brought to life wartime experiences that history books cannot.

    Audience member 2013, Aberdeen
  • The technique used to portray different characters was stunning and the acting was brilliant. It really made me feel as if I was there. Breathtaking.

    Audience member 2013, Inverness
  • Excellent production - acting superb, set amazing. Great story which involved audience from beginning to end.

    Audience member 2013, Inverness.
  • Oustanding. Have never seen such creativity in such a small space.

    Audience Member at Brunton Theatre, 2013
  • What an amazing show, loved every minute of it!! The actresses were exceptional, captivating and very moving. Thank you so much for the experience!!

    Christine, Brunton Theatre, 2013
  • I thought it was a dramatic performance which was quite sad. It was really clever how the scenes were mixed up- starting at the end and jumbling it throughout but you didn't loose track.

    Ellen P7
  • The best theatre outing in the last year - riveted for 75 minutes. Very very well done.

    L. Wood, Audience member, Aberdeen 2013
  • It was remarkable, moving, funny, poignant. Great stamina from the 2 actors

    Louise, Brunton Theatre 2013
  • Amazing, sad, scary and different than all the other shows I've seen.

    Oscar, age 8
  • Absolutely wonderful! An amazing show. I loved every minute. It certainly brought back many memories.

    R. Nicoll, Audience member 2013
  • Totally fantastic! 2 kids aged 11 transfixed throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed it

    R. Stewart, Audience member 2013, Lochgelly
  • Absolutely superb! Both actresses gave fantastic performances, their versatility and ability with accents and characterisation was very good indeed. Lighting and scenery very atmospheric.

    Roberta, Brunton Theatre, 2013
  • It was EPIC!!!!

    Samuel, age 10
  • Our classes were also very enthralled with today's production. Great discussions were had today, and are to be had in the future!

    Teacher at Dundee Rep 2013
  • I thought today's performance was superb. It certainly held the children's attention and gave us loads to talk about in class (and during the bus journey back!)

    Teacher at Dundee Rep 2013
  • ...thought it was amazing, the layout and depth the characters portrayed really brought the story to life and the children were all totally transfixed. Please keep doing what you are doing as its brilliant!

    Teacher P7, schools tour 2015

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