Hansel and Gretel

Don't go down to the woods today.

Adaptation of the story of Hansel and Gretel


Age suitability: 8+
Running time: 70 minutes

A word of warning: Do not go down to the woods today.

Deep in the dark and eerie forest, Hansel and Gretel have been abandoned by their cold-hearted stepmother and spineless father.

Trying to find their way home the children discover the sweetest of houses hiding the wickedest of witches.

Who could resist a fabulous feast of giant candy canes, luscious lollipops and sweet, spicy gingerbread? Surely no-one would mind if two hungry children had just one little nibble…

Catherine Wheels Theatre Company reinvents the classic fairytale as a spine-chilling promenade adventure. This unmissable version of Hansel and Gretel is based on the National Theatre of Scotland’s Home: East Lothian – winner of the 2006 Critics Awards for Best Show for Children and Young People and Best Design.

Creative Team

Director: Gill Robertson
Lighting Designer: Jeanine Davies
Designer: Karen Tennent
Sound Designer: Mark Sodergren
Composer: Steve Kettley
Costume Designer: Alison Brown

Production History

Number of performances to date: 155

Scotland 2007:
15th May 2007 - 2nd June 2007

Barbican Theatre 2008:
1st December 2008 - 29th December 2008

New Victory Theatre, New York 2009:
14th October 2009 - 1st November 2009