Christmas Dinner

in association with Lyceum Theatre


Running time: 75 minutes

By Robert Alan Evans
Directed by Gill Robertson

After a horrible year, stage hand Lesley has decided that Christmas should be cancelled.The only festive joy she wants is the turkey sandwich in her lunch box. So she is shutting down the theatre, turning off the lights, packing up the glitter curtains, the giant beanstalk, the fake snow and going home to have dinner alone…

But as the bells of St Cuthbert’s strike twelve, it seems the theatre has other ideas… from the back of the costume cupboard, a troupe of festive spirits emerge with an absolute sackfull of festive cheer. Is this the last thing Lesley needs? or can this strange Christmas Gang and thier stories help her feel the magic of Christmas again?

Join us for a feast of fun for everyone (even Lesley!) and make The Lyceum Christmas magic part of your family celebration this year.


Christmas Dinner is a Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and Catherine Wheels Theatre Company co-production.