Press Reviews

  • This production about fearing difference and accepting change speaks acutely to society’s current moral challenges ... to embrace newness and otherness and shout ‘Welcome’!
    Children's Theatre Reviews
  • 'This is a beautifully acted and neatly thought-out show, as cleverly executed as a conjuring trick – and a reminder why this Scottish company is an innovator in children's theatre.'
    Lynn Gardner: The Guardian
  • 'White hides all the colors within it, which is nature’s little joke. This show lets us in on it.'
    Laurel Graeber: New York Times
  • '...the idea is perfectly pitched, simple, clear, witty, and gorgeous to look at.'
    Joyce McMillan: The Scotsman
  • 'One of the best in town'
    Mark Fisher: Scotland on Sunday
  • 'a palpable hit.'
    Thom Dibdin: The Stage
  • 'This truly beautiful show crafts its ideas with a light, but sophisticated touch – you really can’t suss how the all-white world suddenly blooms into vibrant technicolour, but you can, whatever your age, engage with the joy and wonderment as bird-houses open up in a new-found radiance of rainbow brightness.'
    Mary Brennan: The Herald
  • 'an utter delight no matter what your age.'
    The Times
  • 'It’s a treasure to find such wonderful show for the very young'
    Ali Moylan: Indaily
  • 'I think little kids and adults would like this show. People who like bright colours and happiness, would love this show. That’s just about everybody.' Seven-year-old critic Bill Blake
    Bill Blake: Time Out Sydney
  • 'Gentle, charming and enchanting, White is a must-see.'
    David Owens: Wales Online
  • 'a visual tale that is exquisitely told'
    Ewen Coleman: The Dominion Post
  • 'White reveals itself as a simple yet profound celebration of diversity.'
    John Smythe: Theatre Review New Zealand
  • 'There is a purity of purpose about Andy Manley’s enchanting piece of theatre for Catherine Wheels. Aimed at 2-4 year olds - with perfect attention to all the details that entails - it also speaks with a strong heart to an adult audience.'
    Thom Dibdin: The Stage 2012
  • 'White is what theatre is all about, striking performances, enchanting set, and above all true, moving and powerful storytelling, I urge every theatre going visitor of the fringe to get along and see what could possibly be one of the most touching pieces of theatre this year.'
    John Roberts: Public Reviews
  • 'Shona Reppe’s highly imaginative and humorous tented set is a delight.'
    Margaret Scot: What's on Stage
  • Gwynne Watkins: Time Out New York Preview
  • 'There’s a level of effortless chic to Shona Reppe’s shades-of-white set and Gill Robertson’s breezy direction that is most welcome'
    Mark Peikert: New York Press
  • "Although the story is simple, White still delivered a powerful message. In fact, days later, my 3-year-old son continues to ask incredulously why Cotton and Wrinkle wouldn't want color in their lives, so clearly the show made an impression."
    Lia Wiedemann: MommyPoppins.com
  • The set has an ingenious design, and the writing/staging/performance of this are all great. My son (and all the other kids there) were basically entranced for 45 minutes
  • It was so beauifully contructed - the story, the plot (the moments of suspense!), the characters, and the theme. It amazes me how theatre for young children can take a simple idea and turn it into this terrific sensory experience.
    Piccadily Arts
  • 'Cameron and Manley, are adorable as they stay true to character while earning the children’s laughter.'
    Suzanna Bowling: Times Square Chronicles
  • White: Press Cuttings and Awards

Audience Feedback

  • Absolutely fabulous!! Everything was timed perfectly. Visual, audio and performer dynamics at just the right moment keeping this age group (my child 2½) totally engaged. Thank you so much! I loved it as a 38 year old. (Adelaide 2012)

    Billie & Odin
  • 'One of the BEST performances here at the New Vic. Stunning, delightful, fun. Thank you! Well worth the trip up from Philadelphia.' (New York 2011)

    Chrissie and Mitch DiAngelus
  • The BEST play we have ever been to, for mummy and kids. So so clever and funny. Thank you so much. (Adelaide 2011)

    Jasper and Sophie
  • Le P’tit Monde 2017 - Festival pour petits, grands et vieux enfants - a été, une nouvelle fois, un très joli moment d’émotions partagées. Nous souhaitions vous remercier chaleureusement pour votre implication et votre grande disponibilité tout au long du festival. La qualité de vos représentations ont contribué au succès de ce festival dédié à l’enfance, la jeunesse et les familles. Soyez assurés de notre reconnaissance et de nos sentiments les plus cordiaux.

    L’équipe du Centre André Malraux/Le P’tit Monde 2017
  • I haven't enjoyed a kids show that much since I WAS a kid - I loved the whole thing, so funny, gentle and put a big smile on my face (Edinburgh 2015)

  • “delight” is a great word for this show, moving from the ordered and safe world of White to an explosion of colour. You’ve brightened my world today! (Melbourne 2012)

    Mary Alice
  • To all at WHITE – one of the great experiences of a lifetime. Thank you for great memories and the best 40 mins of my life. Best of luck and much appreciated. SJ (New York 2011)

    Sarah Jessica Parker

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