Ugly Duckling


Ugly Duckling

Age suitability: 3+
Running time: 45 minutes

It’s hatching time, and there is one last egg. One huge egg. One last, huge egg that just won’t……CRACK! And then out flops one crazy looking dude. Big Feet. Long Neck. This is one ugly looking duck.

Will he find love? Will he find happiness? But most importantly, will he find the nearest disco? And will anyone love that duck?

Come along and enjoy this brand new adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale. Created by Andy Manley, creator of last year’s favourite Rudolf and co-produced by Catherine Wheels, this is a disco fuelled, glitter filled tale for anyone who has ever felt that they are a little different.

Image by Eoin Carey

Creative Team

Director: Andy Manley
Designer: Shona Reppe
Lighting Designer: Sergey Jakovsky
Sound Designer: Marcus Britton

Production History

Number of performances to date: 50

Arches 2012:
30th November 2012 - 30th December 2012