Original play created by Andy Manley, Gill Robertson & Robert Alan Evans

Age suitability: Primary 5 -7 and S1 or ages 9+
Running time: 55 minutes

Moving school is never easy. When class bully Sharon takes an instant dislike to Martin it feels like he has an especially tough ride ahead of him. That is until he befriends Simon McGurk and his fortunes seem to change. The fickle world of playground politics soon puts pressure on their friendship, however, and Martin finds himself making a choice that will impact them both for the rest of their school days.

Following success in Australia and New York, Catherine Wheels restage this energetic piece of storytelling for Scottish schools. A passionate one-man show that vividly illustrates the high stakes of classroom power play, Pondlife movingly explores the lasting legacy of childhood friendships.

Touring Scottish schools in Spring 2019.

For 9+

Creative Team

Deviser: Andy Manley
Director: Gill Robertson
Writer: Robert Alan Evans
Sound Designer: Danny Krass

Production History

Number of performances to date: 333

Scottish Schools 2008:
2nd May 2008 - 26th June 2008

Imaginate Festival, Scotland 2010:
10th May 2010 - 29th May 2010

Australia 2011:
22nd November 2011 - 1st December 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2012:
3rd August 2012 - 26th August 2012

Scotland and Washington 2012:
17th September 2012 - 11th November 2012

Auckland Arts Festival, New Zealand 2013:
28th February 2013 - 31st March 2013

Scottish Schools Tour 2014:
3rd February 2014 - 4th May 2014

New Victory Theatre, New York 2014:
9th June 2014 - 24th June 2014

Scottish Tour 2016:
23rd September 2016 - 6th November 2016

Scottish Schools Tour 2019:
21st January 2019 - 31st March 2019

Pondlife in Melbourne 2019:
29th April 2019 - 12th May 2019