How to Fix a Broken Wing


How to Fix a Broken Wing

Age suitability: 8+
Running time: 50 minutes

A quiet woman lives on the edge of a once great city. It’s stormy season, so the wind and rain is wild. But she knows it’ll pass, and then she’ll get to watch the birds migrating across the sky. Life goes on. But then. A young girl appears on her doorstep. A stranger. She just stands there. She doesn’t say anything.

You can’t stay out there. You’ll get soaked.

Come in.

Both of them have secrets. Both of them have fears and suspicions about the other. But as the clouds rise up like waves and the lightning flashes like giant bird wings, the girl steps into the woman’s house and closes the door. She presents her with a mysterious gift prepared in secret and it triggers a series of events that leads to a startling and dramatic discovery.

This energetic and physical new play for P5-7s explores issues around personal respect and respect for others, wherever they live. It encourages us to think deeply and critically about what is equitable and just in our relationships with others. It explores themes related to difference, diversity and citizenship raising questions about the opportunities and challenges presented to young people by our fast changing interconnected and interdependent world.

We have all watched news reports of horrors happening elsewhere, refugees seeking safety from war-torn homes, victims of natural disasters caused by climate change. Such news stories are appearing with increasing regularity and the events and their consequences are often played out very close to home. What can we do? How should we act? What are our responsibilities to ourselves and to each other? What does it mean to be a global citizen?

How to Fix A Broken Wing will provoke thought and discussion about these questions helping learners to grow more confident in standing up for their beliefs, and more skilled in evaluating the ethics and impact of their day to day decisions.

This high-spirited and hopeful new play explores how we might find beauty in imperfection and build resilience in the face of change.

Starring: Natali McCleary & Nicole Cooper

Touring Scottish schools February & March 2018.

Touring to schools in the Highlands and Islands supported by the Educational Institute of Scotland’s support for the arts.

Creative Team

Creator: Peter Collins
Designer: Karen Tennent
Composer: Danny Krass
Writer: Lewis Hetherington

Production History

Number of performances to date: 31

Schools Tour 2018:
5th February 2018 - 1st April 2018