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Emma & Gill


Emma & Gill

Age suitability: P4-7
Running time: 50 minutes
On Tour:
18th February 2019 – 10th March 2019

Emma and Gill are grown up now but they want to tell you about when they were little.

Emma was shy
Gill was loud

Emma didn’t speak or put her hand up in class
Gill was told to stop talking

Emma’s best friend was her support teacher
Gill didn’t need a best friend, everyone was her friend

Gill loved going to school
It wasn’t quite so easy for Emma

This new show explores the lives of two young girls and their different experiences of school and family life. It questions what is “normal” and why being different is to be celebrated.

Emma & Gill is a co-production between Catherine Wheels and Lung Ha theatre companies. Catherine Wheels creates work for children & young people, and Lung Ha Theatre Company are one of the leading theatre companies for people with learning disabilities in Scotland.

The show features Emma McCaffrey who has performed with Lung Ha Theatre Company since 2013 and was diagnosed with autism when she was 11, and Gill Robertson the artistic director of Catherine Wheels. The show will be directed by Lung Ha Theatre Company’s artistic director, Maria Oller, and with design by Karen Tennent and sound design by Danny Krass.

Touring into mainstream and special schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians, to book your school please contact Anna Derricourt on / 0131 653 5255.

Creative Team

Creator: Gill Robertson
Creator: Maria Oller
Director: Maria Oller
Creator: Emma McCaffery

Production History