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Eddie & the Slumber Sisters


Eddie & the Slumber Sisters

Age suitability: 8+
Running time: 70 minutes
On Tour:
28th April 2018 – 3rd June 2018

Meet the Slumber Sisters. An all-singing trio whose job it is to monitor our dreams and ensure that our night-time wanderings remain healthy and safe. Armed with an infinite supply of remedies, they arrive to create dreams that will help us through difficult times.

Eddie soon catches their attention. She might be quiet and reserved by day but at night Eddie’s dreams are increasingly wild, chaotic and sometimes terrifying. It’s been like this ever since her gran died. As Eddie’s grief comes out in force at night, the Slumber Sisters decide it’s time to intervene.

Blending music, magic, and imagination, Eddie & the Slumber Sisters is a whimsical, heart-warming fable which explores the realities of grief through the eyes of a child.

Starring: Angela Darcy, Chiara Sparkes, Colette Dalal Tchantcho and India Shaw-Smith.

Touring Spring 2018 – full dates to be announced.

Co-produced with the National Theatre of Scotland

Creative Team

Co-Creator: Gill Robertson
Co-Creator: Anita Vettesse
Director: Gill Robertson
Writer: Anita Vettesse
Designer: Karen Tennent
Composer: Danny Krass
Lighting Designer: Lizzie Powell
Movement Director: Michael Sherin

Production History