A swashbuckling comedy about tragedy, love and loss

Age suitability: 10+
Running time: 75 minutes

Cyrano loves Roxanne
Roxanne adores Christian
Christian needs help

Cyrano: has it all – sensitive, strong, an unrivalled swordsman, a brilliant poet – the ideal man…well almost.

Christian: can hardly string a sentence together, but he’s handsome beyond words.

What unites these men? The love of one woman – Roxanne.

With Christian’s looks and Cyrano’s way with words they conspire to make the perfect man and woo Roxanne. But what has Roxanne really fallen for? Christian’s looks or Cyrano’s mind?

Cyrano, produced by the award-winning Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, is a swashbuckling comedy about tragedy, love, loss …and a nose.

Creative Team

Director: Gill Robertson
Assistant Director: Heather Fulton
Designer: Karen Tennent
Lighting Designer: Paul Sorley
Costume Designer: Alison Brown
Composer: Dave Trouton
Fight Director: Carter Ferguson
Assistant Director: Heather Fulton

Production History

Number of performances to date: 95

UK Tour 2004:
6th May 2004 - 19th June 2004

USA 2005:
12th October 2005 - 25th November 2005

Unicorn Theatre 2006:
28th June 2006 - 15th July 2006

Scotland 2007:
15th September 2007 - 25th October 2007