Catherine Wheels


Stuck Catherine Wheels

A new show for P2 – P5s

Age suitability: P2-5
Running time: 45 minutes

In the middle of the ocean
Miles from land
A boat is sailing.
Inside the boat are a brother and a sister.
Where are they going? Have they run away from home? Are they on an adventure? Will they ever reach their destination?

STUCK tells the story of 2 siblings dealing with life inside a small boat: they fight, they fall out, they look out for each other, just like any brother and sister would. But in the middle of the sea with danger everywhere can they survive?

STUCK will be a thrilling and physically dynamic show performed in a boat in the middle of the school hall. With an immersive soundscape and vivid storytelling we will transform your hall and take the audience on seafaring adventure never to be forgotten.

Catherine Wheels are an award winning theatre company with an international reputation for creating great work for young audiences. In the last year we have toured across the globe performing in Australia, New York and Europe but are excited to be creating a new show for Scottish schools.

Image by Eoin Carey

Creative Team

Composer: Danny Krass
Co-director: Sheila Macdougall
Deviser: Gill Robertson
Deviser: Michael Sherin
Designer and co-director: Karen Tennent

Production History

Number of performances to date: 38

UK Schools 2013:
18th February 2013 - 31st March 2013