White The App

We are very ‘appy and eggcited to announce that we have been working with the fantastic Hippotrix and we have created what we believe to be the World’s first theatre-inspired digital toy for very young children!

White The App is available to download from the App Store. It is free until March 31st and then will cost £1.99. Apologies, it is currently only available for iPad and iPhone, but we’re working on developing it for other platforms.

Using the original idea by Andy Manley, sound and music by Danny Krass and the wonderful design by Shona Reppe, White The App allows children to take on the role of Cotton and Wrinkle and care for the eggs.

There are eggs falling from the sky:

A time to look after the eggs:

And of course, Nap Time:

We hope you enjoy playing with White The App – please let us know what you think!

Download White The App from the App Store – free until March 31st 2014