White Down Under Again - part II

G“day! White has been continuing its tour down under and we thought you might like to hear our news.
So…we’ve been performing as part of the Auckland Arts Festival and have been in residence at the Q Theatre which is a brilliant venue. I think all of us had a twinge of jealousy that it wasn’t in Scotland. Great spaces, great staff, great food and perhaps most importantly…great coffee. Flat White…obviously.

Auckland is a really friendly city. We were here a few years ago with Pondlife and once again we’ve been made to feel very welcome by the festival. We even had a meet and greet with the festival staff which, in true New Zealand style, was rounded off with a song. If only more things could be sung – cold calling might actually be successful if the operators opened with “I just called to say I love you”

We’ve been sharing the venue with Mark Thomas who is doing his brilliant show Bravo Figaro. After missing it in Edinburgh, we finally get to see it on the other side of the world, strange how touring theatre works. Because we were sold out, and the shows were on early, the lovely Jeremy (our technician) suggested we do an extra evening show for the staff who couldn’t get in. I think he was rather surprised when we said we would. And even more surprised when we were still saying yes the next morning. So that night we performed at 9.30pm and were the last show up – rock and roll eh? Instead of our usual audience we had various festival and production staff – so trying to spot coloured clothing in the audience, other than black, proved a challenge. It was good fun though, and was a nice reminder that though the show works for 2-4 year olds, it also works equally well for a group of crew and technicians on a rare hour off! Craig even made the exception that drinks could be brought in – though he drew the line at red wine!

(See Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CatherineWheelsCompany?_rdr for photo)

Talking of red, during one of the shows, I managed to cut myself at the very beginning. What ensued can only be described as a bizarre performance art piece. A white set slowly getting covered in random streaks of red. Not wholly pleasant but fortunately it didn’t seem to bother the audience…or Wrinkle, who was largely oblivious.

We bade a fond farewell to the festival and for the past few days we have been back in Australia, doing a few shows at the Joan Sutherland in Penrith. It’s quite close to the Blue Mountains so we managed a day trip out to see to see them. More of a ravine, but truly spectacular. Lush green forests that go on for miles and miles. Incredible. Even our hotel which felt quite urban had its fair share of nature and each morning I had a rather unexpected alarm clock.

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Once again the staff and the audiences have really loved the show and at our final performance we had a few Scots who came. They decided we might be missing home so brought us something to cure our homesickness…

(guess what they were given…https://www.facebook.com/CatherineWheelsCompany?_rdr )

….or perhaps just a potential hangover.

So, now we’re off into Sydney, for our last week of the tour. Finishing up at the Opera House….a show with eggs for Easter!

More soon from Tales Down Under Again