Tales from Manhattan 3

Our final tales from Manhattan – can’t believe it has gone so fast. Ah well, here it is…

The other day after we had encouraged the children to take colour home by putting it into their pockets or socks. A boy of about 5 was leaving the show when he turned round and said “I’m going to put colour in my butt.” As he was walking out he turned back round and said “Then I can fart green.”

Jonathan from education overheard a comment from a little boy. While all the other children were trying frantically to get a piece of colour. This little boy just sat quietly and sighed “The twins look really happy.”

Finally a little girl in a really quiet section of the show shouted back to her mum “I Love this Mamma.” Priceless. And we love NYC!

Thanks to all of you who have made it so much fun.

P.S. look out for our antipodean updates – Ditties from Down Under

Photograph: Alexis Buatti Ramos