Tales from Manhattan 2

Okay so some more tales from Manhattan..

Today during the show when Cotton was rescuing the red egg from the bin he heard a little girl shout ‘Don’t go in the garbage!’ For that split second he saw himself as a grown man raking inside a bin. Not quite the heroic image we had always hoped for.

At the weekend we had a little boy in seeing the show. He gave his name and that he was ’3 an a haf’. We had great fun pointing out the colour he was wearing. Finally he confided ‘I was going to wear my Spidey suit but you might have thought I was creepy’

At the end of the show yesterday a little boy asked if he could have the red egg. We told him that we needed to hang on to it. He looked puzzled and then said Can I have the blue one? Followed by the pink, orange, and green ones. Finally he was about to leave and then turned back and said ‘can I have the trash can?’.

Only in Manhattan eh….