Pondlife - Ditties from Down Under

G’day. Andy here – okay I have been slightly lax in our antipodean adventures – sorry about that – but we have been enjoying Sydney. Anyway here they are:

We have settled well into the Sydney vibe. Craig has taken up residence for the last week in the Sydney Opera House green room and they have put a plaque on a seat for him. They have also renamed the wifi Craigie’s Fi which I personally feel is an improvement on Sydney Opera House Guest.

Our walk to work is rather spectacular along the edge of the harbour and through the botanic gardens. Instead of Manhattan dogs we have flying foxes hanging in the trees and funny birds with stretched faces….sort of similar to Manhattan but these are our feathered friends.

We have done 10 shows in the opera house and they seem to have gone down really well. I even enjoyed the show the other morning where I spectacularly split my trousers at the start of the show and had to soldier on. One girl seemed to really notice and watched my bottom for rest of the show – it’s quite disconcerting having a nine year old looking at your bottom. Fortunately we had a lovely group of children who were visually impaired so I was able to hide my indiscretion that way. I think the applause at the end was as much for my valiant attempt at keeping going in spite of trouser malfunctions.

After the second show yesterday a girl walked straight up to me and asked ‘What kind of income do you make from this?’ I couldn’t tell if she wanted to book me or couldn’t believe there was any money to be made in theatre…..wow she has worked out at 10 what I have only just understood.

Finally for those of you who have been concerned for our skin under the blistering heat – it has rained for 10 days pretty much solid. Warm rain, which is a change I suppose.

We are off to Campbelltown Arts Centre and Casula Powerhouse this week so we will give an update from there.

Guess what? The sunshine is coming out, back on with the shorts eh….