Only in LA

So here we are performing White in LA at the Wallis Annenberg Center – a brand new, beautiful theatre in the heart of Beverly Hills. We have been here just over a week now and are having a great time. We have been made to feel very welcome by everyone at The Wallis and are settling into our LA life. The show has been going really well and we have had some lovely responses and reviews – no celebs so far but we are still hopeful. Kneehigh are playing with Brief Encounter on the main stage and they had Liza Minnelli in seeing them the other day, so we have our work cut out.

We have been sampling the idiosyncratic life of LA. The car is king over here so it is quite amusing watching people’s faces when you say you have walked anywhere or got the bus. Jogging of course is a different matter and I have even seen a dog with a full set of trainers on. Staying healthy is on another level in LA and my friend Mary who lives over here took us to a vegan, raw, organic cafe the other day called Gratitude. We all ordered from the menu where each item was a state of well-being. It was an interesting ordering experience along the lines of “I’m Terrific” “I’m Happy” and “I’m Awesome”. When our orders had been taken, our very zen waitress asked us the question of the day “What in your life makes you feel blessed?”. I am still pondering that. In fact looking good even extends to apples! As I walked through a farmers market the other day and saw a box labelled “visually distressed” – I’m not sure if that refers to the customers’ responses or the apples themselves.

The audiences responses have been making us chuckle. Ian had a little girl who showed him her yellow dress and said look I’m wearing purple – which sounds like some weird mind game. We had a show the other day for a group which was made up of twins, triplets and quads. When we did the Twins moment in the show – it got a huge cheer. It was nice to be able to reflect their world. Lastly, a little girl came up to me after the show on Sunday, I said “Hi what’s your name?” and the little girl responded “I’ve done a commercial” . Only in LA eh? More soon, Andy.