Mapping the Young Audiences Sector in Scotland

The Young Audiences Group is a collection of freelance artists, producers and organisations from the young audiences sector who are committed to making exceptional work for children and young people in Scotland. To strengthen the work they are doing towards achieving more opportunities and recognition for all in the young audiences ecology, the group would like to begin by better understanding the sector as it is, and the people who work within it. 

The Young Audiences Group has commissioned Culture Radar working with Ruthless Research to undertake a consultation with the young audiences sector. 

This mapping survey is the first part of this process, and is a way for you to engage with the Young Audiences Group and the consultation.  This comprises two brief surveys which should only take five minutes to fill in: 

One for individuals working in the sector [link to that survey here]
One for organisations or collectives working in the sector [link to that survey here]
We are keen to hear from anyone working in the sector in any way:

Whether young audiences are your main focus or one of several things that you do
Whatever your job function, including creative, technical and administrative roles
In this survey we will ask you to fill in just one page of simple questions about you and your work in the sector. Feel free to forward this on to a colleague if they would be the best person to fill it in, or to someone else that works in the sector.

Information about data protection as it relates to this survey can be found here.