Lockdown Life: Tony Reekie

(Image: Pip the dog)

I miss the small moments of being around people, the little ongoing chats, notions, sparks that most of the time lead nowhere but sometimes are the ember that lights a fire. I like the online meetings well enough but they rarely offer that opportunity for you just to be, just to relax, just to talk nonsense for a bit. I work in the arts because I love it and it’s the place I like to be socially. Seeing all those faces on the zoom screen and not being able to really say ‘how are you?’ is again something I miss.

I don’t miss driving for up to two hours a day, and use those two hours to walk instead with my dog and occasionally talk to a tree. This is true, on a walk near to my home I discovered a Giant Redwood and for some reason said ‘well done’ to it. I have no idea why. This may be a sign of the times. I live in East Lothian next to woods, hills and sea and remind myself every time I’m out how privileged I am.

Catherine Wheels are embarking on some physical work soon filming our production White, though with distancing I’m not able to even look round the door. The team – take a bow Emma Jones! (Production Manager)- have been brilliant organising work spaces and conditions for working to keep everyone safe and secure, and we are doubly fortunate to be working with our friends and colleagues at Lyra using their theatre space in Craigmillar.

In our minds, as in so many others, has been the wellbeing of our children, and how we can make our own contribution. We tell stories, explore emotions, and go on journeys of exploration and discovery. Our job is to continue to find ways to do that, to share experiences and to hear the voices of our young people, their hopes and fears, to allow us all to move forward in these strangest of times.