Kissing Linford Christie Awarded Touring Funding for Theatre and Dance by Creative Scotland

We are delighted to share the news that Kissing Linford Christie has been awarded funding from Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance.

Kissing Linford Christie is a new solo show written and performed by Victoria Beesley for children aged 8+, and their families and friends. Inspired by Victoria’s own childhood obsession with athletics, this is a story about loving failure and dreaming big – even if there’s no chance you’ll make that dream come true.

“When I was 8 years old I was starting to confidently make my own decisions about who I was and what I liked. This was a hugely formative moment of life. Right now it seems that there is increasing pressure on young people to succeed, and a growing belief that if you don’t succeed at something it’s because you’ve not been trying hard enough. I want to create a show that is about enjoying something just for the sake of enjoying it, about taking away the pressure to succeed and allowing yourself to be immersed in the pure, pure joy of loving something even if you’re not very good at it.”
Victoria Beesley, Writer/Creator

The production will bring together some of Scotland’s finest talents within the creative team, comprising Rosalind Sydney (Director), James Ley (Dramaturg), Hayley Earlam (Movement Director), Alisa Kalyanova (Set and Costume Design), Ellie Taylor (Lighting Design), Danny Krass (Sound Design) and Catherine Wheels’ Artistic Director Gill Robertson as Artistic Mentor.

“When Victoria shared the idea of Kissing Linford Christie I was hooked. The story is funny, heartfelt and would be accessible to audiences across Scotland. I wanted to see this show and I wanted to help her make it. Catherine Wheels are an established company, we have the resources of a small theatre and can artistically, technically and managerially support the show. Being an independent artist needs determination and energy and in working with Catherine Wheels, Victoria can focus her energy into the creation of the show while we can produce the project.

I think Victoria is a unique artist who as a writer, director and performer is making a significant impact on theatre in Scotland. As a company who have always supported other artists I am excited to work with Victoria and eager to see the end result.“
Gill Robertson, Artistic Director Catherine Wheels / Artistic Mentor

Catherine Wheels will produce Kissing Linford Christie, as well as the leading on the tour’s marketing and communications plan. We are proud to support artists like Victoria Beesley to create world-class new theatre for children and young people as part of our Sector and Artist Support programme.

Kissing Linford Christie will tour to theatres and community spaces across Scotland in Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021. For more information, contact Louise Gilmour-Wills (Producer).