Bonjour Oeufs!

Yes – it might be early in 2013 but White has already been back on the road, and once again we have been in France – in lovely Lille this time. We have been performing at Le Grand Bleu for the last week, a dedicated space for young audiences and have had a great time, thanks to the amazing staff at the theatre.

The show has gone down really well and, though this time we have performed it in English, the audiences have given us some lovely comments. A woman stayed behind yesterday to tell us that it was a such a pleasure to share something so special with her child – not surprisingly we thought she was tremendous.

Yesterday we had a bit of time for some sightseeing so we went on a bus trip round the city and took in the sights. It really is a beautiful city. A great mixture of old and new with a bit of Dutch and Belgian influence thrown in as well. In true French style we have been treated to some delicious food on our various night time excursions. And we have been suitably impressed at the culinary efforts that the staff brought for their lunches, in the theatre kitchen – though sugar in the yogurt was a new one on us. Sadly we only managed to assemble a cheese and ham baguette each lunchtime.

We even shared an aperitif on our last night at the hotel, courtesy of Dominic the hotel receptionist in the lobby. Think more Best Western lobby than the Savoy but it was a lovely continuation of the friendly Lille hospitality we have experienced while we have been here.

We are now en route to Denmark where we will be touring the country for the next 3 weeks. At the start of our journey Wrinkle has managed to sleep through a whole country – I’m sure it was no comment on what Belgium has to offer. Suzie and myself were suitably alert throughout.

So it’s an Au revoir France and Hej Denmark

This picture was drawn by our suprememly talented Ian Cameron (Wrinkle) it’s a snow-covered image of the port as we left Dover.