A generous donation helping us connect to our local communities

Like many people during this strange time, I connected with my village of East Linton in a way I had never before. During pharmacy runs and food drop offs in lockdown, I met so many new people and began to understand and value my community in a way I had never before.

This connection to the local affected everyone in the company and made us want to find ways to really connect with the children and families of East Lothian. Catherine Wheels is a proud East Lothian organisation, but over the twenty years of our existence, we seem to have had stronger connections with audiences in China, USA and around the world, than we have in our own communities. This is something we’ve been conscious of wanting to change for a while now.

The generous contribution by Eve’s Foundation to allow White: The Film to be offered FREE to every Primary 1 and 2 class in East Lothian has come at the perfect time for us, and knowing that every 4-6-year-old in the county will have the opportunity to see world-class theatre made on their doorstep, is so exciting to me.
White: the Film will be a wonderful Christmas treat for P1s and P2s, and will hopefully make this festive time a little more colourful.

If you want your school to screen the show, do get in touch.

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White: The Film

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