A day to celebrate

Blog by Louise Gilmour-Wills, Producer Catherine Wheels, Producer Shona Reppe

Thursday 12th November has ended up being an important date for me this year, a date of celebrating, reflecting and remembering.

In October 2019 I caught the train from Edinburgh to Wick, for the premiere of Shona Reppe’s Atlantis Banal: Beneath the Surface at Lyth Arts Centre. Producing that wonderful unique and inspiring show, and being at Lyth & supported by their brilliant team for the tech and premiere, was a definite highlight of 2019.

And today the show has brought me a highlight for 2020. It has received two awards and two nominations in this year’s CATS awards. I’m overjoyed for the brilliantly talented creator, designer and performer Shona, and tech manager Tamlin (whose cameo performance in the show as artist Atlantis Banal I hilariously didn’t spot the first time!). I’m grateful to the CATS judges for this chance to reflect on what was great about 2019, and who have definitely brightened up this lockdown day with a celebration of the brilliant work that happened in 2019-20.

Today also brings the Creative Edinburgh awards, and I have my fingers crossed for two nominations. Lyra is nominated for their ‘Lyra Goes Digital’ project in The 2020 Award, and as the Chair of Lyra’s Board I am delighted for the team, and this recognition of their work. Christine Devaney has also been nominated, for a Leadership Award. Her passion and leadership in dance theatre is well known in the young audiences’ sector and I’m so pleased for this wider recognition of her talent.