Announcement: Collaborating with Noren Haq

Gill Robertson announces that she and Yvonne Buskie will be working with writer and educator, Noren Haq on our new schools project exploring Islam... more
Fri 2 Apr, 9:00am

Media Release: Make Space 2021 announced

Following the success of our inaugural Make Space fund for artists in 2020, today we're announcing a new call-out, reaching out to artists and practitioners from any creative background to research and develop new ideas of new work for children... more
Mon 22 Mar, 9:00am

White the App launches on Google Play Store

Hippotrix Creative App Development team share White the App news in this guest blog; calling all early years children, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts…in fact anyone who would benefit from a delightful moment of joy!... more
Mon 8 Mar, 12:00am

Call-out: Artist wanted for schools project

Catherine Wheels Theatre Company are looking for a Scotland-based Muslim artist to work with us on a Primary 6 class project which explores Islam... more
Fri 5 Mar, 8:00am

Guest blog: Lauren Desjardins

This week, Lauren Desjardins has written a short blog for us about her time working as Stage Manager with some of our Make Spacers... more
Mon 23 Nov, 12:00am

A day to celebrate

Atlantis Banal wins Best Production for Children & Young People, Best Design (joint winner) and is nominated for Best Technical Production and Best New Play – Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2020... more
Wed 11 Nov, 12:00am

A generous donation helping us connect to our local communities

Catherine Wheels' Artistic Director, Gill Robertson shares why the generous donation from Eve's Foundation for White: The Film means so much to Catherine Wheels... more
Mon 2 Nov, 12:00am

Media Release: Booking now open for White: The Film

Booking is now open for schools to book White: The Film to be shown in their classroom this December... more
Wed 28 Oct, 9:00am

Making a film during a pandemic

Filming a theatre production is a big project. But add to that the additional challenges that filming during a pandemic brings, it's an even taller order! Luckily for us we have Wonder-Production Manager Emma Jones... more
Mon 26 Oct, 12:00am

Lockdown Life: Tony Reekie

Tony Reekie, Catherine Wheels' Executive Director - what have you been doing during your lockdown?... more
Wed 23 Sep, 12:00am

Media Release: White The Film

The magic and charm of the award-winning show for children is coming to a school in Scotland near you this Christmas. Following the news that many schools will not be able to attend the traditional Christmas theatre trip this year, Catherine Wheels The... more
Mon 7 Sep, 11:00am

Lockdown Life: Emma Jones

Emma Jones, Catherine Wheels' Production Manager - what have you been doing during your lockdown?... more
Thu 18 Jun, 12:00am

Make Space: The Final Recipients

We are delighted to announce that we have selected five recipients of the Make Space fund... more
Wed 10 Jun, 12:00pm

Make Space

Through our new project Make Space, we are inviting anyone interested in making work for young people to bring us their ideas, imaginings and dreams for what theatre for young people could look like in the new normal... more
Fri 15 May, 8:30am

White to be screened on YouTube over Easter weekend

Over next Easter weekend (10 – 13 April 2020), we are inviting audiences around the world to come together online and enjoy one of their best-loved, and longest-running shows, White by Andy Manley... more
Tue 31 Mar, 1:00pm

A Poem for you

As Catherine Wheels is working in a different way now, given the current pandemic, we wanted to share a message with you, from Gill Robertson, Artistic Director of Catherine Wheels... more
Thu 26 Mar, 12:00am

Celebrating Bess Walder and Beth Cummings on International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, Gill Robertson, Artistic Director of Catherine Wheels reflects on two women who inspired one of our most-loved shows, Lifeboat ... more
Sun 8 Mar, 12:00am

Welcome Emma Jones

Last month we welcomed a new member to the Catherine Wheels team in the form of Emma Jones, our new Production Manager. She comes with a wealth of experience in theatre production and touring, as well as some brilliant ideas of how we can work smarter... more
Fri 21 Feb, 4:00pm

Kissing Linford Christie Awarded Touring Funding for Theatre and Dance by Creative Scotland

We are delighted to share the news that Kissing Linford Christie has been awarded funding from Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance... more
Wed 11 Dec, 2:00pm

Creating Work Through Play

Guest blog from Danica Rosengren: IPAY recipient of The Colleen Porter Artist Development Award, about her week with Catherine Wheels... more
Fri 29 Nov, 9:00am

Atlantis Banal: Beneath the Surface

This autumn, Catherine Wheels is honoured to invite you to the opening of a brand new exhibition (or is it a show?) from famed artist, Atlantis Banal (or is it Shona Reppe?)... more
Thu 10 Oct, 10:10am

Our Latest Production....WhirlyGig!

A madcap musical adventure coming to a venue near you!... more
Thu 27 Jun, 12:00am

10/20 Year Challenge!

Catherine Wheels turns 20 this year!... more
Mon 28 Jan, 12:00am

Celebrating difference with Lung Ha Theatre Company

We're delighted to be working with Lung Ha Theatre Company on a new show touring to schools... more
Fri 2 Nov, 11:00am

Introducing...Chris Alexander

Chris is currently on the road with Martha and we sat down to discuss work, life and...Haribo.. more
Thu 11 Oct, 12:00am

Introducing...Louise Gilmour-Wills

This month we meet Programme Director, Louise, who is currently in Japan telling delegates at the ricca ricca festival about the company!... more
Mon 30 Jul, 12:00am

White at Ricca Ricca 2018

We're touring Japan this month as part of Ricca Ricca's Focus on Scotland programme... more
Thu 26 Jul, 6:00am

Eddie & the Slumbers Sisters - Full Tour Announced

Eddie Tours Scotland!... more
Thu 22 Feb, 1:00pm

Introducing...Hannah Putsey

This month we meet Touring Manger, Hannah Putsey who's very soon to depart to have a baby!... more
Wed 21 Feb, 12:05am

Theatremakers pen open letter to Creative Scotland

An Open Letter to Creative Scotland from 150 Members of the Artistic Community in Scotland and Beyond... more
Wed 31 Jan, 1:00pm

Creative Scotland Funding Cut

As Scotland’s most celebrated and prolific producer of children’s theatre we are devastated by Creative Scotland’s decision to cut our funding... more
Thu 25 Jan, 12:01am

Introducing...Suzie Normand

This month, we meet Company Stage Manager, Suzie Normand... more
Wed 6 Dec, 9:00am

Eddie & the Slumber Sisters - Touring Spring 2018

We're delighted to announce our new co-production with the National Theatre of Scotland - Eddie & the Slumber Sisters - touring Scotland in Spring 2018... more
Wed 29 Nov, 12:00pm

Introducing...Ashley Smith

Currently on tour with The Story of the Little Gentleman, here's Ashley!... more
Wed 18 Oct, 12:00am

The Story of the Little Gentleman Autumn Tour 2017

Our much-loved production of The Story of the Little Gentleman will tour Scottish theatres and rural venues in Autumn 2017... more
Fri 1 Sep, 10:15am

Introducing...Anna Derricourt

Back to school and time to meet our Schools Development Manager, Anna... more
Wed 23 Aug, 4:00pm

Introducing...Karen Tennent

This month we hear from Designer Karen... more
Wed 26 Jul, 3:00pm

Introducing...Craig Fleming

Getting to know the Catherine Wheels team a bit better... more
Thu 15 Jun, 11:00am

We're Recruiting!

We are currently seeking two new directors to join our Board... more
Wed 17 May, 11:30am

Have a quacking Easter!

Come and see Lost at Sea and The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean during the holidays!... more
Wed 5 Apr, 4:53pm

Ducks ahoy at two international festivals!

Lost at Sea has crossed the oceans and is performing in New Zealand at Auckland Arts Festival... more
Wed 15 Mar, 4:10pm

Helen in India

Catherine Wheels is very lucky to have forged some close creative relationships with organisations from all corners of the world... more
Thu 2 Mar, 3:15pm

Lost at Sea & White

Lost at Sea in Scottish Schools, and a Spring tour for White... more
Tue 14 Feb, 5:50pm

White in the Granite City

Cotton and Wrinkle are in Aberdeen for the opening of White at The Lemon Tree tomorrow!... more
Wed 7 Dec, 4:20pm

We're Hiring!

Catherine Wheels are recruiting a Touring Manager... more
Wed 19 Oct, 3:00pm

Back to School, Back to Rehearsals

Rehearsals begin for Pondlife, Martha is out on tour... more
Wed 31 Aug, 5:04pm

Our Fringe Picks

Great work friends of Catherine Wheels are making and appearing in this August... more
Thu 11 Aug, 3:20pm

Theatre in Schools Scotland Launch

This morning saw the launch of Theatre in Schools Scotland, an exciting new initiative established to support the provision of quality theatre in Scotland’s school... more
Wed 1 Jun, 1:00pm

Lost at Sea Rehearsals Underway!

This Spring sees a first for Catherine Wheels as our brand new show, Lost at Sea will premiere at this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival as part of the inaugural Science in the Spotlight programme... more
Wed 23 Mar, 11:30am

Little Gentleman Hits the Road

February has got off to a busy start at Catherine Wheels HQ... more
Fri 12 Feb, 11:00am

New Year, New Show

Rehearsals underway for The Story of the Little Gentleman... more
Fri 8 Jan, 11:00am

Extra White Performances at the Traverse!

We are delighted to announce an early Christmas gift to you... more
Fri 18 Dec, 2:00pm

White Window Shopping in Mexico

While here in Scotland we’ve been wrapping up as the chilly Winter weather descends upon us, the White team spent the last couple of weeks soaking up the sunshine in colourful Mexico... more
Thu 10 Dec, 3:15pm

White Celebrates 1000th Show

Cotton and Wrinkle are on the road once more!... more
Tue 17 Nov, 12:00am

Final Dates for Magic Sho!

Catherine Wheels are thrilled to have produced Shone Reppe’s brand new production for 5-8 year olds, Magic Sho... more
Mon 2 Nov, 5:22pm

New Show for Edinburgh International Science Festival

We are thrilled to announce that in Spring 2016 we will be premiering a brand new show... more
Wed 9 Sep, 3:55pm

Magic Sho opens!

Magic Sho by Shona Reppe is now on tour across Scotland... more
Tue 8 Sep, 9:30am

The Voice Thief - tickets still available!

If you haven't yet visited Dr MacKenzie's Institute for the Encouragement of Vocal Harmony there is still time, and tickets are still available!... more
Thu 13 Aug, 11:10am

‘Fabulous fantasy’ show The Voice Thief at the Fringe

We are delighted to announce that our promenade piece The Voice Thief will return to Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year from 5th-30th August... more
Thu 4 Jun, 12:00am

White Down Under Again - part II

That night we performed at 9.30pm and were the last show up - rock and roll eh? More tales from White Down Under... more
Thu 2 Apr, 10:00am

White Down Under Again

White down under…in the sun….in our shorts…did I say it’s been sunny?…... more
Thu 19 Mar, 3:15pm

The Voice Thief - new production

Welcome to the Voice Facility, a darkly mysterious place where hundreds of girl’s voices have been held captive for years…... more
Wed 3 Sep, 12:45pm

Pondlife Down Under

Gill Robertson on her experience of directing two new actors in Australia.. more
Mon 25 Aug, 4:00pm

Made In Taiwan Part 2

Andy Manley's further adventures in Taiwan with White... more
Fri 18 Jul, 12:00am

Made In Taiwan

Andy Manley tells us about his first impressions of Taiwan... more
Tue 8 Jul, 12:00pm

New York Diaries - part 2

Two weeks has flown by and 16 shows of Pondlife have come and gone... more
Tue 1 Jul, 9:00am

New York Diaries

So here we are at the end of the first week in New York and it's been swell... more
Tue 10 Jun, 12:00am

We're looking for a Technical Assistant

We're recruiting - work with us for 12 weeks as a technical assistant... more
Mon 9 Jun, 11:00am

The return of Huff

HUFF by Shona Reppe and Andy Manley returns with a Edinburgh Festival Fringe appearance at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Made in Scotland programme... more
Wed 4 Jun, 1:00pm


Festivals, theatres and press, find out what's available to view and book, or sign up to promoters area for access to images, video, media releases and more... more
Wed 4 Jun, 12:00am

Only in LA - Part 2

Andy Manley updates us from LA, as the White team start their final week in Beverly Hills... more
Wed 19 Mar, 12:30pm

White The App

Based on Andy Manley's White The Show, we have developed an app with the wonderful Hippotrix... more
Fri 14 Mar, 11:30am

Only in LA

Andy Manley is in LA with White and here are his first impressions... more
Thu 6 Mar, 5:00am

‘Appy New Year

Announcing an exciting new project for 2014... more
Wed 1 Jan, 12:00am

All good things come in threes

This autumn, Catherine Wheels bring you three fantastic productions... more
Wed 4 Sep, 2:00pm

What's in the box?

More HUFF tickets available...but what is inside the box?.. more
Fri 30 Aug, 4:30pm

Vote for Paul

Our producer, Paul Fitzpatrick, is standing for the Edinburgh Fringe Board, and he needs your vote... more
Wed 24 Jul, 12:20pm

Excitement ahead...

Summer's here! Andy won Wimbledon and we're getting ready for excitement ahead... more
Fri 5 Jul, 12:30pm

On the road with Stuck

Gill Robertson tells us why she loves schools touring while on the road with our new show Stuck ... more
Sun 31 Mar, 9:30pm

Farvel Denmark!

Andy Manley updates us on the White tour in Denmark, before he heads off to New Zealand... more
Wed 27 Feb, 5:00pm

Bonjour Oeufs!

Andy Manley catches us up on White's week in Lille - before he heads off to Denmark... more
Tue 29 Jan, 10:00am

Great News for a New Year

We all knew that our Luke aka Cotton was amazing...but the news we heard proved it.. more
Fri 4 Jan, 4:00pm

That's a Quacker!

... more
Fri 14 Dec, 12:00am

Tales of Norge III

The final instalment of Andys' adventure in Norway, the show is open and Andy's coming home!... more
Wed 26 Sep, 3:30pm

Tales of Norge II

White opens in Norway this week, here's the latest from Andy Manley's Tales of Norge... more
Tue 18 Sep, 2:30pm

Tales of Norge

Andy Manley is in Norway directing White , here's his first update... more
Wed 5 Sep, 11:30am

Herald Archangel for Andy Manley

Andy Manley has been announced as the winner of one of this year's Herald/Bank of Scotland Archangel award... more
Mon 20 Aug, 12:30pm

Catherine Wheels and Shona Reppe at the Fringe

Two great shows for families at this year's festival fringe... more
Tue 31 Jul, 1:00pm

Now booking for teachers, promoters and venues

Looking ahead to 2013, a new show on a boat...and an old show on a boat.. more
Thu 5 Jul, 5:00pm

Fully funded PhD Opportunity

A fantastic opportunity to do a PhD with the University of Glasgow and Catherine Wheels Theatre Company... more
Fri 15 Jun, 4:45pm

Festival time for White

... more
Wed 30 May, 5:00pm

Applications open for Board of Directors

Catherine Wheel's Theatre Company is recruiting two new directors to its non-executive/non-renumerated board... more
Wed 23 May, 12:20pm

Celebrating a CATS nomination

... more
Fri 11 May, 9:00am

Denmark and Drama Desk

a fantastic weekend at the Danish Teater Centrum Festival... more
Mon 30 Apr, 3:00pm

White Rolls on to England!

White's Tour of England is Under Way... more
Wed 25 Apr, 4:00pm

Back to the UK...

After two months in Australia and New Zealand the hard working White boys are back in the UK... more
Mon 19 Mar, 12:00pm

Sydney Opera House

Another sell out week for White is coming to an end... more
Sat 25 Feb, 9:00am

White arrives in Melbourne

After a sell out run in Adelaide White has moved to Melbourne... more
Fri 17 Feb, 9:00am

White delights audiences in Adelaide

White has opened at the Adelaide Festival Centre and is going down a storm... more
Thu 2 Feb, 2:00pm

And they're off!

The new Cotton has joined Wrinkle in White, and they've got off to a great start... more
Tue 24 Jan, 4:30pm

Happy New Year!

We're all looking forward to 2012!... more
Thu 5 Jan, 4:30pm

It's not over yet!

It's been a great year for Catherine Wheels, here are some of our highlights... more
Fri 16 Dec, 9:00am

Pondlife - Ditties from Down Under

G'day. Andy here - okay I have been slightly lax in our antipodean adventures - sorry about that - but we have been enjoying Sydney... more
Mon 28 Nov, 9:00am

Tales from Manhattan 3

Part 3 of White's Tales from Manhattan... more
Mon 14 Nov, 5:00pm

Shona Reppe’s new show is “near perfect”

The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean is delighting audiences and critics in Scotland... more
Tue 8 Nov, 10:00am

Tales from Manhattan 2

Part 2 of White's Tales from Manhattan... more
Thu 3 Nov, 12:00am

White Wins at Theatre Awards UK

White wins best show for children and young people at this year's Theatre Awards UK... more
Tue 1 Nov, 3:00pm

Tales from Manhattan

Thought we would do a White Tales from Manhattan - so here's a few of our favourites... more
Thu 20 Oct, 12:00am

White Starts World Tour

The White team are off to New York to start the first leg of the White World Tour... more
Fri 7 Oct, 3:30pm

The Kes Reviews Are In!

"Kes is yet another triumph for Catherine Wheels"... more
Sun 18 Sep, 1:00pm

Welcome to our new look website

We're delighted to unveil our new look website, thanks to funding from Creative Scotland through the Amb:IT:ion fund... more
Fri 16 Sep, 5:00pm

Green Wheels Touring

We recently presented our Green Wheels Touring Kit at the Green Arts Conference... more
Mon 30 Nov, 12:00am