I am the Production Manager with Catherine Wheels and it’s my job to look after the technical side of the productions. I have a range of responsibilities, from providing technical support; to finding super stage management to take our shows on the road; to making sure our equipment is maintained and safe; to hiring the van to put it all in; oh and making sure the bins get emptied.

I grew up in a small market town on the English/Welsh border and was one of those people who actually wanted to study drama. My mum took me to the local theatre, Theatr Clwyd, and it was there, while studying for a Drama Degree at Aberystwyth University, that I got my first work experience as an Assistant Stage Manager. I knew I wasn’t destined to be on the stage, backstage life suited me just fine and I loved wearing black. After working in England and in London’s West End for a couple of years I got a job at Dundee Rep as a Lighting Assistant on a three-month contract…. and seventeen years later in 2019 I left, my role by then was Head of Production for Scottish Dance Theatre.

I love touring, especially abroad and even though I am determined to make touring theatre greener and more sustainable, my love for travel will hopefully help practically feed into the need for change long term.

I’ve been a fan of Catherine Wheels for a long time, and as it’s been a funny old year I can’t wait to get started properly.

I am only a part time member of the team and the rest of my time I freelance as a Production Manager and a Lighting Designer. I enjoy the balance of practical problem solving and creative thinking, I like having different responsibilities on different projects, it’s helpful to understand both sides of the process. I also run technical theatre and design workshops and covered a year teaching SNVQ technical theatre.

A couple of years ago we bought a flat just outside of Dundee, on the coast and have never been happier. We can see the sea from our window and recently have been taking advantage of the water and jumping in (in wetsuits) for a morning dip. Doing a job that keep your inside in the dark for most of the day means when I’m not at work I love being outside in the fresh air, so I spend my free time gardening and cycling to buy more plants.