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Catherine Wheels and the environment

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Catherine Wheels is a theatre company which creates professional productions for an audience of children and young people. We create hundreds of performances a year, toured in UK and internationally, including regular tours to Europe, North America and Australasia.
We operate from two buildings; an office at the Brunton, and an industrial unit which houses a workshop and rehearsal space. We have no performance space.
The core staff is small but we are joined regularly by associate freelancers for design, direction, music and production.

Mission Statement
Catherine Wheels Theatre Company is committed to continually seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact in our everyday operational practice, in our business decisions and in our strategic planning. We will lead by example, encouraging associates, customers and suppliers to do the same. We aim to comply with and exceed relevant regulatory requirements.

Policy Aims

  • To comply with relevant regulations
  • To seek continuous improvement and to monitor environmental impacts
  • To incorporate environmental factors into business and project decisions
  • To increase awareness amongst employees, associates and customers


  • To make sustainable travel choices
  • To use IT systems to reduce waste and energy use
  • To take a reduce, reuse, recycle approach to waste
  • To make considered energy use
  • To build in an environmental check to project planning
  • To follow responsible purchasing
  • To embed environmental approaches into our company workings and ethos
  • To make our environmental approach part of the Company’s reputation
  • To be better than we need to be

We are members of the Green Arts Initiative.